The well–rounded online analytics stats in your Online Control Panel will aid you to keep an eye on pretty much all activities on your websites. You’ll receive live information about the load produced in your account and the website traffic they have on an hourly, per–week and monthly basis. You will also find detailed information in relation to our servers in general like the physical IP address, the Operating System, the versions of PHP and MySQL and many others. All the information is sorted in areas for you to easily find it.

Server Info

Check out information about your hosting server

If you need to examine what is the current release of PHP or MySQL as well as the Operating System on the hosting server where your account is located, simply go to the Server Information and facts area of the Online Control Panel. There you’ll also find information about the installed Perl modules, the inbound and outgoing mail servers, along with the real IP address of the server.

You can find the web hosting server details board in the Statistics part of the VIP Luxury Websites Online Control Panel.

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Access & Error Listing

Instantly find any website efficiency problems

The Access and Error Stats record info regarding the web server, such as details of web server access in addition to the types of faults stumbled upon throughout server functioning. You will find both kinds of information about the effectiveness of your websites from the Online Statistics Manager area of your Online Control Panel.

The access log displays every one of the text files, image files, movie files, etc. that people have got inquired to see in your site, and the error log archives pretty much all warnings and glitches that the hosting server has spotted since the log file was created.

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Traffic Stats

Observe your web site visitors live

Watching the site statistics of your site is the right way to know how your marketing strategy performs. From your Online Control Panel included web stats tools – Webalizer and Awstats, you will monitor the quantities of visitors that flock to your site, in addition to the volume of hits they make and web pages they visit on a daily, weekly and monthly base.

To look at the stats info, proceed to the Web Statistics area of the Online Control Panel and load the statistics file for a particular host. There’s no need to configure anything on your end. We activate the statistics as soon as your site moves on the Internet and begins getting visits.

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CPU Statistics

Monitor your sites’ server load

The web server’s CPU is essential for the connection between your website and its visitors. The more complicated and resource–absorbing your websites are, greater amount of web server assets and server operation time will be required for them to run.

Within the CPU stats area of the Online Control Panel, it will be possible to watch the use of CPU resources produced by all of your web sites. This will permit you to take appropriate measures and optimize your web sites in case the CPU consumption allowance has been reached. You will find in–depth CPU reports for every day and month or even for a full year.

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